The fall of the Berlin Wall and the closing of your school.

I created this blog to help in the fight to stop the closing of community schools.

But that is not the only reason.

I want to stop the degradation of services to schools and communities.

Hear what George Carlin said about this just before he died. (caution: spicy language)

In the 1950s and 1960s, governments poured money into public services and especially schools.

The leaders of our society were scared stiff. They saw the Russians, their main world wide competitors, taking peasant boys and girls and turning them into rocket scientists.

They knew that if the West were to depend on only the spawn of the rich to do this, they were doomed.

First, there were not enough rich people around to produce the numbers needed (the depression had weeded them out.)

Second, most of those spoiled rich kids were not smart enough to fit the bill.

So they looked to us, the unwashed masses, immigrants from Europe mostly, to create the knowledge base needed to fight the Ruskies.

As the suburbs grew so did the educational resources. Expensive schools were built with shops, science labs and gyms.

And we got into the spirit of this largess and figured that we were entitled to these benefits.

But with the fall of the Wall, November 9, 1989, the rich, the owners of our, world did not need our brain power anymore.

So they started to cut back. They created think tanks to legitimize this new cut back philosophy and funded political parties that believed in it.

They could now legislate and regulate to make the rich richer and the rest of us poorer.

This is the neo-liberal philosophy.

Eight years later, in 1997, the Ontario government decided to take over all school taxation and funding.

That forced the board around the province to toe the line and try to fund education with fewer dollars. Before that the Toronto boards could raise taxes for community based schools with services like childcares, food programs, teaching assistants, etc.

And the board could afford to keep smaller, less economical schools open.

Now the propaganda of the director’s Vision of Hope is ironically right neo-liberal track by working to close and sell off schools (not all of them small) to developers, the rich.

But here in Jane/Finch we fought that and we are helping other communities to fight that.

We believe the children should be entitled to a high quality education where they gain the skills to question everything.

George is right but we need to keep fighting.

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