Why we oppose this plan

The TDSB wants to close Shoreham Public School and move its k-5 studetns into Brookview Middle School turning that into a k-8.

But there is no room for the students in Brookview so it has to move most of Brookview’s 6-9s out. Those students will end up in the other three elementary schools.

But those schools are not really built for adolescents with lockers, bigger gyms, shops, etc so they will need millions of dollars of improvements.

So the TDSB wants to sell Shoreham.

But the Chair of the Board said at the last Jane/Finch ARC that, “there is no guarantee that one penny of that money will be spent in this area.”

So there is a good chance that most 6-8 students will have their facilities downgraded to an unimproved primary/junior site.

Shoreham will go on a list to be sold to other boards or the city but since the TDSB wants to sell over 120 school sites in the next five years, it will be sold to a developer who will put up townhouses or a high-rise.

We will end up losing a local elementary school for future population expansion and recreation, having most kids crammed into inadequate buildings and some overpriced housing on our playing field.

So the question is, why cannot the TDSB staff and trustees understand why residents of the area are against this plan?

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